Monday, February 19, 2018


  1. Slavery is illegal any act of taking a slave regardless of gifted by a God if one takes a slave they will be asked to free the slave. If the slave is not freed then the slave owner should be imprisoned or executed and if executed the slave owners property given to the slave.
  2. In this religion if one marries another of a separate faith it is respected.
  3. In this religion one man shall only have one wife and one wife shall only have one man.
  4. A man may never share he's wife with another.
  5. If a child is adopted by another one must except the child as the heir of the adopter.
  6. If a woman bares the child of another man the man she is with lays no claim to the child unless their is an act of adoption by the man.
  7. If a theft is made the thief should be handed to the law of the land if their is no law then the process should be as follows.
  8. The returning of the property followed by a fine to the person who the property was stolen from. If a theft is committed again then the thieve will be punished either by imprisonment or execution.
  9. Rape is a crime and the rapist has two options turn themselves into the authorities or commit suicide. If their is no authority then one will be put on a trial of peers and if found guilty the above option or execution.
  10. Witchcraft is not a crime unless it is done without any cause. If there is no reasonable cause the witch should be killed. If love is cast and it is found out that the woman did not love the man or the man did not love a woman the witch will be asked to remove the spell. If this cannot be done then the two will be separated. I have cast magic just as a note.
  11. Murder without cause is illegal if a murder without cause as in defense of self then the murder should be turned into the authorities. If their are no authorities and the community or head has found the person guilty the murder will re compensate the family and be executed. If their is no family and non are explicitly stated in a will or one cannot confirm that one is the murdered relative then no re compensation is necessary. 
  12. Animals shall not be feed on the flesh of an animal of the same kind if the animal is a vegetarian then only grain or what it is naturally fed.
  13. One must keep cattle separate unless the weather is to cold then one can reside with the cattle.
  14. When in a new land one must know how the land works learn from the locals or through your own wits so that one may farm herd and hunt effectively and thrive.
  15. If it is required to hide ones faith you can do so you can even pertained to be another faith if one wishes.
  16. If one comes into contact with a jihadist feel free to attack them and if you kill them their is no foul.
  17. If one is attack feel free to fight back and if you kill the aggressor in the process it is permissible.
  18. If one has taken your wife or spouse away due to his or her opposite faith you may gather your brothers and kill them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Sacrament of War

To perform an act of death is to be like the priest who performs the last rights of the dead. When the solider fells another he is taking the breath of another releasing the soul of the dead into the afterlife. The act of pulling the trigger is the act of prayer the bullet entering the body is the key to the gate of the other world. When the body hits the earth it is the end of the ritual. When the war ends so does the sacrament. Our ancestors performed war and during war they made it sacred through the ritual casting of the spear over the battle field this was to bring in the gods of war to invite them into the room and allow them to choice which one they wanted for their eternal war on the plains of Valhalla.

-Honoring-Like all acts of conflict their are costs and the cost of killing is one of spiritual trauma this trauma is not only caused by the shock of killing but also by the disposal of the dead. In the times of the vikings the taking of a warriors life was bound to the honor of dealing with the one who had died usual rites were performed in order to insure that the dead would not comeback ether by the process of reincarnation or by the harassment of the warriors spirit. One method was to carry the dead with their feet first through and opening an other was to destroy the sword of the warrior and the third was to take the name of the child of the victor after the warrior. The third method although noble has a darker twist, to name the child after the fallen is to take the luck of the dead and bestow it on the offspring. These acts were not only the psychological laying to rest of trauma but also the spiritual laying to rest of the soul. The honoring of the dead is mandatory regardless of how one feels about the one they have slain and the easiest method of doing this is to return the possessions of the fallen to the family or closet friend if the fallen has none of his or her bloodline left. If one does not do the simplest of these tasks they themselves have become dishonored if one cannot find the bloodline of the fallen the next task would be to honor the fallen in words.

-Desecration- Desecration is the act of dishonor. To desecrate the remains of a warrior is to dishonor the warrior in the age of our ancestors to desecrate was to inhibit the chance of the warriors entrance into Valhalla. If the warrior was considered to have lived a dishonorable life the society would usually let the gods deal with the warrior but what our ancestors did not realize was the act of war is to take the duty of a god. For only a god can determine the fate and life span of a man and war is not necessarily a thread of fate. In war the army can leave the battle field before the first shot is fired a politician can make the call to a truce and the public can voice their opinion and change the minds of many that war becomes a burden that most be ended. When one fights in battle or goes to war the act of death passes from the transcendental realm of nature and all the aspects that move with it diese, accidents and random death. To the controlled realm of one on the battle field the decision to not fire the gun when the enemy in obvious range for example is an act of freewill. In this realm of freewill the duty of death which is determined by nature and the gods is now in the hands of the fighter. Due to this passing of the soul form the earthly realm into the afterlife has passed from the hands of the gods into the hands of the warrior. When it comes to desecration of the the warrior that also falls into the hands of the fighter. Desecration should only be done when the one who has fallen in battle has be one of bad character in action. The dishonoring of the warriors wife in front of other, the dishonoring of a woman who is not theirs, the dishonoring of a sacred space that was not used in combat, the dishonoring of ones family in action before combat. The dishonoring of combatants who have been captured. These are all reasons for the dishonoring of the remains of the warrior. The easiest way to do so is to read what is sin to them and perform it as a rite apoun them. For example draping a pigskin over a Muslim who rapped a capture then executing them or beheading an army man who ordered the acts at Abu grave. Dishonoring the warrior for acts of true dishonor is noble were as to dishonor one for speech or because he or she is not apart of a religion is an act of dishonor.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The five books

I have been deliberately choosing not to publish these five books until now when I feel their words will give courage to those of us in this belief system. They came to me through the pen onto the page.

I. Wheel-Sowillo-
Nothing is more furious than the wrath of the vengeful for their anger is as consuming as the summer flame. In their malice all life becomes ash. Ash of the things once living. For their is nothing in the sea of in the sky that is like the anger of a man his anger is like a wheel. Blessed are thous who turn the wheel. Blessed are thous who turn the wheel out of righteousness but more blessed are the ones who stop the wheel and remove it.
Anger is a cycle that we all suffer. As the sunrises and the sunsets in it's patterns so does the anger of humanity always turning as the wheel of the sunrise and the sunset. The suns who's appearance changes changes from dark to light depending on winter through spring so are the cycles of one's mind. The mind of the sun which changes from light to dark is as the breeze of season but the mind of wheel is made and can be changed.

II. Earth- Urd-
Weather they be warrior peasant or peacemaker all are remembered by the actions of their lifetime. For thous who seek fulfillment will find such fulfillment those who strive towards glory will have glory, but those who take glory and those who destroy for glory will be nearly forgotten and buried under the sand and trees for such is the way of the world.
Human kind builds it's ego the gods judge it and the earth buries it.

III. Sword-Tyr-
Great is the warrior who knows the flat of the blade for they truly know the edge. The one who only uses the edge knows only the edge not the flat. He soon succumbs to the edge. Use the flat of the blade so when comes it's time it will be sharp enough to strike and kill. Those who use only the edge dulls and chips their weapon apoun resharpening he looses he's blade in time. Eventually the one who uses solely the blade will have to find a new one. He will succumb to the blade of another. But the one who uses the flat then the edge when time comes will know the killing blow unless broken and rusted. The sword of this man will pass from father to son just as the wisdom of the ages pass from one to another strike knowingly.

IV. Wisdom-Odin-
The word of a man spoken is often heard by the foolish, the word that is read is kept in hiding. Grater is the one who keeps he's word when spoken for they who hear the words of a man spoken will hold the speaker to truth. Admit to thous when one speaks out of anger make clear to all when your tongue speaks rashly especially to thous you lead. Speak only in confidence when your anger streams. For in confidence anger is understood. The fire of a man's anger burns the wood that it's fed. Feed the flames of anger on a hearth for their it is seen and can be put out. Never take the flames of anger to the dry of the woods but use it in the cold of winter. When courage is lost anger often consumes. Burning those who keeps one in the winter. As the fire of anger burns the water of the frost will quench it. Use anger when the frost is apparent.
Raven -Memory-
Remember thous who have done you wrong for they will suffer deservingly either by your either by your hand or the hand of the world. For the world sees and the world knows when wrong is done to those undeserved. Strike harder is the blow done to those who associate themselves with the wrong doer for they are seen as accomplishes. Remember those who act foolishly mark them as unequal put them lower than you treat them as the wolf treats the runt. Remember all thing that the wrong doer does remember their actions so when they act with compassion or love that you may know their lies. Judge everything that they do by what you remember so when the time comes to bring their hypocrisy to light you can accurately prove who they truly are.
Never believe the forgiving hand of thous who have done you wrong.

V. Words of the Fire
They will call you a liar they will call you a traitor. They will call you a tahghot. They will speak all manner of ill to you. They will break your will with words. They will throw stones at you they will say that you are making it all up. They will stripe you of your clothing they will beat you they will beat you they will harm your very being. They will strike you in your home, from your home. They will turn on you friend, family to foe. They will claim you are from the fire, they will claim you to the fire.
They will rejoice in the thought of your death. They will see your practice or custom as evil. They will even change the kings the queens the order in which you live under to make your life a living hell. Their will be thous who would once support you but they will turn against you and break your skin. Alfred. Keep on the righteous path that you set for yourself, for they truly will see the light of the dawn.
Be like the rock of faith for your faith must remain unchanged. Believe in the Gods that have brought the rain. For what they see as lies is your truth. Keep your truth. Find your truth. Beware of thous who do not wish for the truth. For what they see as lies is your truth. Find your truth. Beware of thous who do not wish for truth. For they are like the threatened. For they who have power only holds power on the tip of the mountain. For thous who are like us will flourish. They will see our bloom and grow envious of us and they will destroy all that you have. In their minds they are high, in their power they are high, in their strength they seep with arrogance. But in confidence they know no bonds their attrition against us. Keep as stone be as water. Always moving between the chaos of the world around you.
Stagnation is as ice on the moon,frost on the ground. Covering the bareness of the soil only thous that know the moon will know it's bareness for those that do not know the moon will see it as something else. Their is nothing wrong with the moon, for like the sun it has it's place in the world. Worship the moon, Alfred for in it's coolness it provides you with relief from the sun of your labors for you have labored and you have tiered and proven yourself worthy. For as the fire of thous around you burns your skin and as the stagnation of the modern world burns your skin as the bitterness of ice on the bare hand. You will find relief in the moon.
-The Moon-
Be ware of me oh Elhaz for you shall surely know me by sight for in my ire I am like the moon. Growing and shrinking between it's phases. Fear not the grave Elhaz for their is a place for thee. Keep the righteous path oh Elhaz speak only when wisdom takes you for you will have courage like the sun for when the time comes for you they will not break your will. For your will is like the stone, like the water, like their fire. like their fire, like their fire.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Urd or Yurd is another name for the earth mother here is the prayer.

Mother earth on whom our feet tread on. From whom all things spring fourth. From whom we pick our fruit in whom we plant our seed for the harvest.

The Eternal Self, the six kinds of souls.

The soul is also known as the Eternal self. It does not die when the physical shell dies it moves on either to an after life, reincarnates, sticks around or becomes something else. Ideas of male and female, good and evil, reality and non reality develop when the soul interacts with the body after it's entered through the gate of conception. Ideas like the self are developed through this interaction between body and soul. When a child is birthed the soul either resides in the brain of the human being or has fully followed and copied the path of every cell in the body. People spend their entire lives in high meditative states trying to find weather or not the soul is either or but in reality it is different to the individual. The perception of soul and it function varies from person to person but in this path it has two primary functions one of the unknown and the other of inherent intellect.

The soul is perceived in six different ways as fire, as water, as light, as breath, as shadow and as seeing.

  1. Fire- I have never preserved this personally in sight but I have felt it. Imagine one's heart filling with the warmth of a fire or ones body feeling as if the sun is heating it.

  1. Breath- I have preserved this soul as breath it's as if I have two lungs and two kinds of air one thick the other thin.

  1. Light- I preserve only a mass of light that has changed colors periodically. This may be the fact that I meditate during the day or in my room with a light on. When I play the drums I see a color change in light.

  1. Seeing- I have preserved this soul when I meditate with a meditation bowl or when I am writing I see others or I see birds flying around or I have seen the desert. I have seen outside of myself without seeing myself. Some would call this an out of body experience.

  1. Shadow- Is the soul that is preserved as changing or being what the viking truly was. This was known as their fruger. The fruger could sometimes be an animal or some kind of creature, the viking could connect with he's or her fruger and use the power of that animal to aid in combat. This is most likely what a berserker was or someone who had eaten meat that was laced with rabies. There are mentions of both people who could induce their rage and of those who would be permanently crazed. In the most characterized version of this soul it would be like a Disney cartoon character who's shadow is a wolf but who's person is a human. The shadow soul is also one that inhabits a voice as something that is you speaking through you but somehow different. Most of my experience with this has been when I get annoyed and something I call a wolf speaks through me.

  1. Water: I have never experienced the soul as water but I have read that the idea of the soul as water would be an over soul concept. That our souls return to something greater after we die like a river or a pool and that all of our souls come from this river or pool.

It is entirely possible to experience the soul as one or more types of things.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Four Paths of the Destructive Self

The four paths of the Destructive Self

The destructive self as stated in the tenets of this path is a concept that is inherent in the human character and can be seen in the history of humanity. The destructive aspect which has given humanity it's ability to survive and overcome great obstacles is also the one that has lead to mass war, conquest, and environmental damages. The destructive self inherently is individual but as history has proven it is also collective. In order to understand the collective use of the destructive aspect of the collective human one must understand that there are four different destructive process in the human individual. The first is catalyst reaction. One pushes the other pushes back. The second is catalyst, means then action. One pushes the other clenches his or her fist or grabs a club then strikes their opponent. The third is catalyst, thought, means and action. One pushes the other knows that the assailant has to go to their car, the victim acquires their means and waits for their assailant to walk to their car the victim then proceed to stab their assailant to death. The fourth kind of destructive self is catalyst, thought, forethought, means, then action. One pushes the other knows that their assailant lives next door to them he wants to kill the assailant, he wants to burn the house down but knows theirs a fire alarm inside the house in order to obliterate his enemy he must disable the fire alarm which means he will have to either become a home repair man or break into their house and permanently damage the alarm system. He decides to wait until his assailant walks out of the house then beat him with a bass ball bat. Then the victim thinks if all goes well their will be a bludgeoned dead body on the street corner but if someone sees he will probably be sent to prison. He decides to not worry about it and to deal with the assailant within an already working system, so he calls the police has the assailant arrested. With this information in mind one can accurately understand organized armies and defensive units.

Type one and two are usually organized into infantry battalions that are used as basic ground forces, the guys one sees on TV, their personality type is conducive to killing lots of people. The insurgent fires at them they fire back killing them. Type three personalities are usually best placed as snipers or artillery and tank divisions. These type of people are charged with special duties which require them to think about their course of action. Exampled an infantry unit is set to be deployed in an area that has a larger number of their enemy or has a technological advantage. The commander decides that he or she needs to tip the balance in the favor of his or her infantry unit he or she decides to call in an artillery strike. The artillery specialist is given the command and the information needed for the strike. On the grid there are several disadvantages to the artillery specialist, there's a school, a hospital, and religious center in close proximity to a mortar unit and missile launcher. He or she is also aware that anti aircraft tanks are positioned next to the school and a park. The artillery specialist now must think about how he or she is going to accomplish he's or her objectives. He or she decides to use smaller deep penetrating missiles with a low explosive kill area. These kinds of missiles will not only damage and destroy the opponents weapons system but also reduce the number of civilian casualties. This kind of artillery is known as kinetic artillery they use the force of the object to destroy their targets rather then an explode them. A bullet is a basic example. Type five personalities are usually placed in areas of high command like the pentagon or executive branches their job is simple to make the dissension based on whats happening and the repercussions of said action. An other examplem enemy force has a stronghold in Watsonville California at an old hospital, their numbers are only slightly greater then the commanders own but the commander knows that said enemy has snipers. If the commander sends a ground force then there is great risk of loss of life if he calls for a stinger missile to be launched then civilian causalities may be incurred. The commander also must consider retaliatory actions which is based off the information of how popular the group is to the locals. If not very popular the commander will call a siege which he or she hopes will give enough inference to the local population to find a means of escape. After civilians are cleared he or she will order a bombardment of stinger missiles targeting the snipers after the snipers are cleared tear gas will be launched by missile into the building. Then the ground forces will be sent in wearing proper attire for gas.

Most people are type one or two personalities and have to be trained to work as three. Type fours are usually really keen type ones or type threes that have been seen to make the proper decisions. History has shown that effective use of all four types creates a stable group but it has also shown that the civilizations can become destabilized by type twos and ones in order to even out this factor the proper thing to do is to train the the ones and twos to fulfill the capacities of a four and to give type fours a higher standard of living or a living that ones and two's and strive for and obtain. In storm fall terms reduce the neophytes through advancement and placation.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


These next couple of section will be a further in depth look at five Gods mentioned in the introduction. This will also be constantly updated. The first one will be Tyr.

Tyr-During the day in times of need
Humankind turns towards the sun.
Under the birch, the ice becomes water.
Joy in this sacred space.

The name Tyr (Tiwaz) means "Sky Father" or "Father of the Daytime Sky"and in some circles the name Tyr is associated with the name "God". The stories written about Tyr are few and far between, in the Nordic legends their are only two stories, in my awareness, in which Tyr plays any predominate role. The first one is the classic tale of the Fenris Wolf in which said God volunteers to sacrifice he's left hand for the sake of Asgard. The second is the story in which Tyr and Thor go on a beer run to Tyr's fathers house. These stories do not tell us a lot about the role of the god in Nordic or Germanic society so to understand Tyr one must look at the environment which he's name derives from. The Sky. Their are four phases of sky; night sky, dawn sky, midday sky, and sunset sky. If we add that with the five colors of the sky's transitions; black, indigo, light blue, white and orange. The cumulative number would be nine, the mystical number of the Scandinavian and Germanic peoples. Nine is important for in the mystical thoughts of the Norse, Yggr an other name for Odin, was said to ride a horse through these nine realms were different beings were said to reside. Nine is a number that brakes the ever turning wheels of eight, apoun breaking eight one attains completeness and becomes uninhibited in their path. If we take the first letter of each of these nine phases and apply the runes it would indicated the nine, for lake of a better term, "faces" of the Sky Father.
The first rune is Nyd, the second rune is Dagaz, the third rune is Mannaz meaning man. Sowilo is the fourth meaning sun or sun-wheel, berkanno is the fifth meaning birch tree and is some cases bear. Issa is the sixth rune meaning ice or stillness, lagaz the seventh meaning water or lake. The eighth rune is the wunjo rune meaning pleasure, joy or grape and the last rune is Othin meaning Odin. 
Below is a sun-wheel, with these runes on them it's used for chanting and to better understand Tyr. The reason we use the sun-wheel is because the sun appears to travel through the sky giving the above it's color. It is the bringer of knowledge of the Sky Father, the traveler who passes through the above. It's rays give us the knowledge of mind and insight to Tyr.

Berkanno which means birch or is used as short hand for bear is in the northern quadrant. Trees especially birch and apple were sacred to the Norse. The world tree whose branches stretched into the upper sky realm and who's roots dug deep into the lower realm. In some interpretation the berkanna rune is short hand for bear, the constellation of Ursa Major was and is sometimes called the great bear in it's tail resides the north star. The north star is used in navigation and rarely wavers. It is the guiding star, the truest star. Just as Tyr is the god of truth who would presided over matters of state with unbiased wisdom. The issa rune which means ice is the solid state of water, lagaz which falls from the sky in the form of rain. Rain and water is the life force of the planet, all living things who's roots enter the ground and all things that drink need rain. The wunjo rune meaning joy, happiness, or sometime wine; when the sun reaches it's zenith the sky appears white. The midday sun is at it's hottest casting it's life giving rays onto the planet, giving plants the essential element to grow. The Odin rune is a representation of Odin the God of magic and Shamanism. In all cultures that worshiped the sky was the holy man, the one who would communicate with the Sky Father. In that shaman was the ability to project he's mind and soul into the metaphysical realms. The god Odin, as mentioned above, would either ride the horse or send he's mind in the form of Hugen and Munnin into the these realms. The nyd rune, which means need or distress. In the sky there are seven layers, these seven layers of sky are there to protect the planet from the sun harmful rays and asteroids that pelt the planet. Without them the planet would die, in essence we need the sky. The dagaz rune means the daylight which comes from the sun, sowilo. The daylight is what gives the sky it's color, depending on were the sun is in the sky will determine the color of the sky. Mannaz is the last rune this rune means humankind or man. In this context it is the patriarchal nature of sky worship, and represents the dualism of pagan worship. The Sky Father countered and in union with the Earth Mother. To know Tyr is to know the sky for the sky is tangible and tangibility is closer to truth, the love of Tyr second only to war.