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Thor in the Norse pantheon in the lighting god of weather and storm. His hammer mojlnir is the destructive power of the lighting. In the past many use to make prayers and sacrifices to the god in order to gain he's protection, favor, grant them good fortune of victory in battle. Thor is sometimes refeered to as Thoraz this name can mean a dualistic deity who is both a protector God and a wrathful entity. Thor have seven runes associated with his very name that are applicable to he's character. Tiwaz, hagela, odin, roda, ansur elhaz and the Thoraz rune meaning giant. In the runes the characters have both a phonetic meaning, a pictorial meaning, and an objective meaning. For example the Uruz looks like a bull standing sideways as well as having an ur sound attributed to it and the objective meaning of slag or bull. But their is also another message in the runes a message that comes with the characters one that can tell a person almost exactly what a person or gods personality. The first rune in the Gods name is Tiwaz which means sky father or sky god. Thor is a God who is associated with the sky and acts of the sky, rain, lightning and heavy rocks from space. Hagela means hail or storm Thor is the God of stormy weather. Othil which means the God Odin and spear head Thor is the son of Odin who wields a spear. Rode means the travel, in fact the word road is derived from the word rode, the God Thor is said to have a chariot that is pulled by two goats a chariot is a mode of travel. Finally Ansurs means a god or diety Thor is a God or Diety and the word Elhaz which means either elk or priest. The God Thor historically had a cult that was fronted by a priest known as a Grodi. Thoraz is the third character of the runic alphabet with this we will use a three sided shape to conduct mediation, chanting, ritual and sacrifice. The triangle is the strongest shape in geometry, it's also a symbol of balance. All creatures and beings of balance draw power from within and from around, the original believers of Thoraz held the idea that the lightning God is a balance of earth and sky. He is half God and half Giant a being of both the divine and the earthly. He was one who rode through the sky and transcended the earth, just like the oak tree transcends into the sky and down into the earth. Thoraz is not a God of a specific class he's power was recognized worshiped and respected by all classes of Scandinavian and Germanic society Thor is the strongest God of the Germanic and Scandinavian belief system according to myth he is imbued with the strongest of all things for war he's strength comes from both external and internal sources. Unfortunately being a being of power lead to some unfortunate consequences

-The Myth of Thor's Chariot and Armor-
Once the gods were given their fate in regards to Ragnarock they traveled through the nine realms looking for ways to change their fate. Thor traveled to the realm of the dwarfs and told them of he's plight they decided to build him a chariot in hopes that it's mighty speed and would grant him victory over the giant serpent Jogonmander. When the dwarfs presented the gift to Thor they realized that he would not be able to kill the serpent with simply a chariot so they crafted him a suit of armor that would protect him from the serpents venom. While crafting the armor the dwarfs realized that although Thor was a God he would need something else to change he's fate on the day of battle. So they made a belt with a spell that only he could read this spell would only allow the god to wear his belt and only to the God the magical power of superior strength would granted. The dwarfs presented the armor and belt to the God Thor when they did he told them of the razor sharp fangs of Jogonmander they realized that he would need armor that of a breast plate, shin guards, and grieves. They realized that a suit of armor wasn't enough so they placed many spells on the gift of armor these spells made the armor strong and powerful. They proceeded to do the same to the chariot so strong and powerful were the gifts granted to Thor that when he put them on it could outshine the sun, over power the wildest lighting storm and put to humility the mightiest river. It was also said that the power of he's chariot could bring down any bridge built by man or god. The Gods of Aesgard saw Thor riding on hes chariot across the hills, mountains and plains of Thurdheim they realized that he would destroy the bridge of Bifrost. The Gods held council and they decided that Thor would have to walk across the bridge without he's chariot. When Thor asked he's father why they pointed out that he's chariot had so much power that it would destroy everything in it's path. This made Thor angry and he needed he's chariot in the realm of the Gods in order to defeat the serpent Jogonmander. Frig suggested the ground but it would take more effort to uncover it. Tyr suggested the ocean but the ocean was so vast that the chariot might get lost. One god suggested the river that runs underneath Bifrost but Heimdale pointed out that if the chariot was placed their it would change the current of river and cause havoc to thous who live on the banks. Thor decided that the best place to put he's chariot would be on Midgard the Gods thought this was interesting and suggested that he didn't seeing as how humanity was always fighting. So Thor disguised he's chariot as a storm cloud and sent it to wander the sky of the world.
The End.

The point of the story is this power does not equate to victory to much power can lead to inability to act effectively.

Thor's power was not seen as infallible in fact many stories were told about how Thor's strength would often lead him to meet challenges without fore thought.

-The myth of the giant hall-
Along time ago Thor was residing in he's hall when he noticed that he's hammer was missing he knew that the only place where it could be would be in the realm of he's enemies, the giants. Once he realized this he traveled to the giant realm seething with anger, he came across a group of them and with stones he pelleted them killing all but one who ran to his village. He pursued the giant all the way to he home. Thor threw giant boulders apoun the town buildings were destroyed and the giants fled at the gods anger. A group of three giants ran from their hiding place and beseeched the Aesir, "Thor," they said "We know who has stolen your hammer and we will gladly show the way to the perpetrators if you stop throwing stones at our village." Thor stopped throwing stones when desernd that the giants would help him. "Fine" said Thor. "Show me who has stolen my hammer and I will not destroy you or your village." The giants lead Thor to a high mountain castle in the realm of the giants. He entered and in the court of the giants was Thors hammer resting by the leg of their king. "What do I have the honor of your visit Thor Odins son?" asked the giant king.
"I am here to reclaim my hammer form your keeping." responded Thor. The giant king thought for a moment about the request, then spoke. "I will give you your hammer Thor if you can do these three things. One you must beat this old lady in a race, two you must lift this cats paw from the rug and three you must drink the entire water in the aquifer behind the house."
"I will do all three of these things." Thor responded. The giants cleared the hall of it's long tables and drew a line of white with a piece of chalk at one end of the magnificent gallery. Thor waited at the other as the old lady hobbled from her place by a torch lit arch. The old lady made it to the end where Thor stood the giant blew he's horn and they ran. The old lady moved with more speed than Thor imagined and lost to the old woman. Thor exhausted collapsed as he reached the white line. "It's all right mighty Thor." said the king of the giants "You still have two more challenges ahead of you. Lift the cats paw and drink the reservoir dry which you should be able to do with your mighty strength." Thor first started with the cats paw he pushed and shoved and tried to lift the paw of the cat but it did not move. He tried again and again but the cats paw could not be moved. "I cannot move the cat paws giant king but I must have my hammer and if you do not give it to me your castle will be destroyed by large stones!" the giant king laughed and laughed. "I will tell you this Thor you can have your hammer if you can complete this final task. Drink the water out of the reservoir and once it's dry you will have your hammer." Thor and the giants were taken to the top of the mountain which overlooked the giant hall. Large and round was the aquifer but no arch lead to the castle of the giant for when the giants built the castle they new that the runoff would fill the reservoir and the gravity would lead the water on it's own. Thor knelt down by the reservoir and drank from the giant made lake he drank for many day and many nights but the reservoir did not shrink. The thunder god feed up with he's plight stopped drinking from the reservoir and shouted at the giants "You have done some magic that I can not stand! I will destroy every one of your kind!" Thor ripped a large granite bolder from the side of the mountain was about to throw the boulder when the giant hall and the reservoir vanished becoming nothing but a water filled pit. Thor was outraged and decided that he would raise each city to the ground when a bird spoke from he's nest on the mountain. "Oh Thor do not be angry for you have accomplished much. You see Thor the giants placed three magic spells on each of the tasks. The reservoir was linked to the sea but you did not know because of the spell go to the ocean that divides the branches of the tree and you will see how much you have drunk. The cat was Jormungandr tail and it's surprising that you did not get bite by the snake. The old lady was old age which no one can out run nor beat and need to come to terms with if you want to overcome your fear of fate." Thor was silent then walked back to he's home in Asegard when he arrived at home he saw he's hammer leaning on the hearth.
The End

In this story we catch the held believe of a God who is always learning from he's mistakes in order to succeed Thor learns and grows. Thor also represents the since of duty that warriors and the youth were expected to have. That duty may have been different depending on the chieftainship in which Thor was worshiped in. Thor's since of duty to he's father and chief, Odin, is limited. In one story Thor refuses to stop a giant from rampaging through Aesgard, this comes after several instances in which the God was commanded by Odin to save humanity and the realm of the Gods. This tells us that Thor is a being of freewill and one who choices to carry out his duty. The message to us of human stock is to perform the duties you are required to do but never feel it is an obligation. We people have a choice when the obligation becomes to morally juxtapose then the choice is ultimately yours to deal with. Fate plays less of a role to Thor then he's superior Odin, Thor doesn't take warriors into he's realm in the same way Odin does. He's fathers main concern is to tip the tides of fate, were as Thor knowing that he will die in battle but inevitable wins doesn't focus on warriors. This is one of the mysteries of Sky God Thoraz. He is a God that meets challenges but he is more excepting of he's inevitable end. This in someways makes him wiser than he's father who refuses to except he's fate as seen in he's actions after a battle in which he choices from the slain to go to Valhalla. Thors balance is clearly seen in this form of acceptance like the bar on a scale Thors balance shifts this shift goes from wise questioning God to rampaging lighting wielder, these extremes are not mutually exclusive to scenario in one myth. Thors total hatred for the race of giants is momentary as we see in this myth. He is able to calm himself enough to make a crucial judgment call. This shows us that the view of Thor was not one of simply a warrior who goes off into battle all guns blazing but who has enough control to make decisions. In the stated myth above we see Thor as a God  who stays he's hand from killing he's enemy this is in of it self is a mystery to the Gods character, was the act out of compassion or out of a means to an end? If it was out of compassion the Thoraz is not the tunneled vision warrior that we would assume him to be. It would show that Thoraz has a higher since of moral justice that transcends the battle field. If this interpretation is correct it would show that said Sky God followers were also keen on said wisdom on the battlefield or they believed in some code of conduct that gave them insight between friend and foe. Thor is not only a god of might but also a god of mind especially when mind pertaining to war. In the Lay of Alvi Thor uses he's knowledge to destroy he's enemy.

-The Lay of Alvi-
Aliv trampped all the way from the world of the dark elves to Asgard. He hurried towards Bilskirnir and in that hall he saw the god he was looking for, but he did not recognize him. “I’ve come for my bride,” the dwarf said bluntly. “It’s taken long enough to get here, I must say, and now it’s high time that Thrud graced her new home. Everyone will say I can’t wait for my wedding night, but I don’t mean to hang around here any longer than I have to.”
“Who are you?” asked Thor. “Or should I say, what are you? Why is your nose so pale? Do you sleep in a grave mound and keep corpses company?” Thor considered Alvis. You look like a kind of monster. You certainly won’t be the one to marry Thrud.”
The dwarf drew himself up to his full height, such as it was. “I am Alvis,” he said, “and there’s nothing I do not know. I live way down under a hill, my home is a cavern hewn out of rock.” Then the dwarf testily brushed aside this talk with a sweep of his hand. “I’ve come to claim Thrud — the agreed price for my work and for many weapons. Let the gods not break their oath!”
“I’ll break it,” said Thor indignantly. “I know nothing of this promise.” He stalked down the hall and then called out, “A father has the last word as to whom his daughter marries. It’s up to him and him alone.”
“So who are you then, hero?” demanded Alvis. “And what kind of right do you think you have over my radiant bride? You’re nothing but some vagabond, seldom noticed, little known.” The corners of Alvis’s mouth twitched. “Which woman had to be bought with rings before she would bear you?”
“I,” said the god very slowly, and his eyes flashed so that Alvis began to quail, “am Thor the Hurler; I am the wide wanderer; and I am Odin’s son. You’ll never win and marry my daughter if I can help it.”
“Ah!” said Alvis, and he smiled a pallid smile. “Well, I’ll soon win your good will and your consent. I long for your snow-white daughter and I’ll Struggle for her.”
“Wise guest,” said Thor, “I won’t be able to stand in the way of your love if you can answer whatever I ask you about all the world? Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the land, that stretches all around us, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Earth,” the dwarf replied. “The Aesir say Field and the Vanir say the Ways. The giants name it Evergreen and the elves Grower. The most holy gods call it Clay.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the sky, child of the ocean, that we can all see, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Heaven,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say the Height and the Vanir say Wind Weaver. The giants name it High Home, the elves Fair Roof and the dwarfs Dripping Hall.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the moon, that we can all see, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Moon,” the dwarf replied, “but the gods say Mock Sun. It’s known in Hel as Whirling Wheel. The giants name it Rapid Traveller, the dwarfs Gleamer and the elves Time Teller.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the sun, that we can all see, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Sun,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Orb and the dwarfs Dvalin’s Delight. The giants name it Ever Bright, the elves Fair Wheel and the sons of god All Glowing.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the clouds, that hold the rain, in each and every world?”
“Men call them Clouds,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Chance of Showers and the Vanir say Wind Kites. The giants name them Hope of Rain, the elves Weather Might, and in Hel they’re known as Helmets of Secrets.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the wind, that ranges far and wide, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Wind,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Waverer and the most holy gods call it Neigher. The giants name it Wailer, the elves Roaring Traveller, and in Hel it’s known as Blustering Blast.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the stillness, the settling peace, in each and every world ?”
“Men call it Calm,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say the Quiet and the Vanir say Winds’ Hush. The giants name it the Sultry, the elves Day’s Lull and the dwarfs Day’s Refuge.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the sea, on which men sail, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Sea,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Smooth-lying and the Vanir say Waves. The giants name it Eel Home, the elves Drink Stuff and the dwarfs call it the Deep.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for fire, that burns for men, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Fire,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Flame and the Vanir say Wave. The giants name it Hungry Biter, and the dwarfs Burner. In Mel it’s known as the Hasty.”
“Tell me, Alvis? You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the wood, that grows for men, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Wood,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Mane of the Field and in Mel it’s known as Seaweed of the Hills. The giants name it Fuel and the elves Fair-limbed. The Vanir call it Wand.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the night, daughter of Narvi, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Night,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Darkness and the most holy gods say Hood. The giants name it Lightless, the elves Sleep’s Soothing and the dwarfs the Weaver of Dreams.”
“Tell me, Alvis? You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for the seed, sown by men, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Barley,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Grain and the Vanir say Growth. The giants name it Edible, the elves Drink Grist, and in Hel it’s known as Slender Stem.”
“Tell me, Alvis! You’re the dwarf who knows everything about our fates and fortunes: what is the name for ale, that men quaff, in each and every world?”
“Men call it Ale,” the dwarf replied. “The gods say Beer and the Vanir say Foaming. The giants name it Cloudless Swill, and in Hel it’s known as Mead. Suttung’s sons call it Feast Draught.”
Thor said, “I’ve never known one person to be the mine of no much ancient wisdom.” He smiled at his guest, a long slow smile, and he slowly nodded his head. “But your own tongue has trapped you, Alvis. The sun’s rays arrest you.”
The dwarf whirled round but it was already too late.
“The sun’s rays arrest you,” gloated Thor, “and they turn you into stone. And now the sun shines in my hall once again.

Thor is not just a god that represents either strength of mind or a god who has external strength he is a god that promotes inner power.

-Thor's missing armor-
One day Thor awoke to find his armor missing he went through all the realms to find hes armor but they did not know. When he returned home he was told that their were giants intent on the destruction of Aesgard he told the Gods that he could not fight due to the fact that he did not have he's armor so Odin sent him to visit a giantess in the realm of the Jottons to visit he's mother Jord when he arrived and Thor told him of her troubles she said to him "Do not worry I will make you a set of armor." So with thread she crouched a belt, with cloth from her sowing cloth she made grieves and shin guards. Out of a red cloth she made a jerkin she then placed a felt hat on he's head for a helmet. "Here is your armor Thor now go and slay giants." Thor looked at he's attire in a stream and replied "In what manner should I slay these giants for I wear only cloth." Then their was a load roar, from the mountains came several giant armored in in metal wielding powerful weapons of war. Thor froze he knew that he's powers were weak and he's hammer was not sufficient enough to fight the invaders. They charged him and with a mighty crash or steel and fire Thor fought the giants. No sword nor arrow could touch him no fist could strike he's body and no strength could over power him. With every strike of his hammer and with every bolt of lighting that followed he's weapon the giants fell before him. The dust settled and their he stood with his enemies before him. Loki then appeared before him applauding "Well done Thor."
Thor became angry and threw his hammer missing Loki who laughed until he fell to the ground.
"Don't be angry Thor." said he's mother
"Loki's theft was a benefit if you had had your armor you would still think that your power comes from things that are made by craft."
Thor looked surprised "How do you mean mother?".
He's mother sighed and sat down in the green fields of Jottonheim pondering the stream that pulsed below her. "Your power is not from objects or from some sources far in the worlds your power comes from you. Like the sun that rises in the many sky's of the the cosmos you do not require an external source to thrive in the ways of strength and power. You are like the endless fire giving off heat and light without need for wood. This is why your armor shines like the sun Thor because you are like the sun."
Then with a ball of light Thor's armor appeared before him radiating like the sun rays on freshly fallen snow. He gathered he's armor hugged he's mother and walked away.
-The End-

I have heard from others sources that a warrior who died in battle would often have their names granted to the child of the one who slew them. In this scenario it was to bestow the luck of the dead warrior onto the child. This is important to know because it shows that vikings did have a code of unspoken rules on how to honor the slain. In sagas warriors were rewarded by their leaders, Skallagrim in the Egils saga gave precepts of land and Harold would reward his men with gifts. Both of these examples point to a code of conduct that was inferred apoun by the society. This code was either reflected in the peoples view of the Gods or was conveyed to the people. If conveyed then the worship of Thor would have to take into consideration communication with the Gods and receiving messages from said God either directly or through some means either by way of story and songs written by a skald, or through ritual and intersession by a grodi or witch. act in which someone goes to a God on behalf of someone else in order to gain some sort of favor or blessing. In the pagan world and the monotheistic world view nothing is gained without sacrifice either in time or in something more concrete like alcohol or flesh. In the eastern traditions mandalas are used as a means of sacrifice as well as a path of transcendence. The means of sacrifice in the east was usually done with a simple picture the mandala below is not a simple picture that one makes then destroys nor is it's purpose is solely a meditative tool. The mandala below is used for sacrifice and offering to the God Thoraz and it is also the labyrinth that one moves through either on a larger scale or a smaller one.

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Statue, Representations, and Animism

As stated before the gods are living beings that reside in two worlds. One that we live in and the one their are from. The gods and goddesses in their power are omnipresent and can in habit objects as well as being unseen like air is unseen and yet we feel it's presents. Or how sound is heard but not seen unless one looks at the string as it vibrates. With this said their is an other dimension one of an animist nature. Every tree plant living animal and sometimes stones possesses a spirit or are the vessels of a god. When one is representing a god never use bone or wood. Bone holds a powerful connection to the spirit of the animal that it came from. Usually the animal leaves the body but if the animal feels that it's death was uncalled for then it returns to the thing that's left of it usually the bone. If one is to carve a statue of a god or goddess out of stone find someone who can determine if their is a spirit in the rock. To be safe use metals to craft the image of the gods or goddesses if one is to use wood make sure the spirit of the wood is out of the wood it self similar practices can theoretically be done with rocks. The reason for these precautions is because the spirit can possess the object and act through the object itself. Stories of ancient Greece and Rome have stories of said incidences of statues speaking to the populace. These incidences were passed off as the Gods and Goddesses communicating through the statues, which their perfectly capable of doing but in reality and most likely it was the spirit of the rocks. Metal is good to use with the exception of raw iron and copper ore due to the fact that fire is a cleanser and during the forging processes will either burn away a spirit or release it. Iron and copper are exceptions for even when turned to steel with iron their is still a connection to a spirit if their was one in the mine that the ore came from or the rock itself had one. When making the statues the look of them is up to you, keep in mind the representation of the god or goddess is to portray the being as what they are or the power that they have. For example the state or Thor on my alter portrays Thor holding high he's hammer as he bestrides a lighting filled sky. This is to show that Thor has power of the element of lighting. Statues are not only devices of communication and have the potential to become the embodiment off the god but also have the ability to convey a message about the gods ability. Sometimes a god is portrayed or invoked as a symbol or as some object that the god or goddess is associated with like Saxon represented with a stone sword.
The gods and goddesses in their glory and power have the ability to work through objects that we cannot.
Animism is the believe that all things in nature are living and that the thing that gives that animal, plant or tree a life force goes well beyond the physical realities of the body. This spirit is an individual as much as it is a collective. The earth has the ability to communicate through a stone which also houses a living spirit. The bones of animals are connected to the animals spirit which may or may not have moved on has the abilities of a spirit which resides on the level of non human control. Things like the animal being able to bring more of it's kind or that the animal had a physical ability that exceeded that of a human are reasons why people use animals in their worship or in their craft. The human has a personal totem which can embody it self as many things for some it may have the form of a man for other an old god and for someone else an animal. These animal gods should be treated slightly differently than how one treats a god or a goddess. In this particular aspect of this religion it really depends on the person.

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Their is a right way and a wrong way of doing a ritual.
A ritual is for several reasons one is to make an offering to the Gods or Goddess others are to show devotion, others is to build energy and some are to open the gates to another world. There are rituals to gain favor and how these rituals are attained are through many methods. But their are things that one should not do. The first is to not kiss, masturbate, have sex in front of or thinking about a God or Goddess prophet or some other sacred person during the act of sex. Two transubstantiation is also a thing that one should not do. One should not touch these things in these ways. The reason for this is because their is a sympathetic connection between the object and the thing it self. The eating of the bread in Catholicism the being is literal feeling the mouth consume the flesh. The kissing of the stone in the Kaaba that being is feeling that kissing. These acts are profane for the reason that it causes pain to the being. When diving which one should do in order to know weather or not a God wants to be blotted in a specific way always tell the being the exact ritual before. If one has done a ritual in a way and the Gods have not told you otherwise continue the ritual that one has done. Do not be afraid to be angry at the Gods or Goddess but communicate your problem calmly and logically. I have knocked over statues and yes their are consequences but how the rituals are conducted is based on your tradition or your experience.

-Statues the Gods are omnipresent in the natural world they are also transient living in a relmn that our mortal bodies cannot attain. A statue is good for certain things but as I have written before once a statue is used their is a connection between the being and the object. Think of the statue as the chord of a guitar once one plucks the string the vibration moves the one in the same tone.

-Ritual Objects are tools that are used to get the job done.

-Shrine a place that either marks a were something special happened, has a different connection to the other words, or is set up in order to conduct a ceremony.

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Law II

Here is the second law
  1. If a member of your tribe has been killed ask for the number from the opposite to be brought to you. Once they have been brought to you as re compensation smack them, strip them naked, tie them to a tree for nine days. But do not kill them. At the end of nine days cut them from the tree place a blanket on them and embrace them. Say to them "You are my brother, you are my sister, you are my friend. You are now one of us." Thous given to you are now thous things. If they do not pass the number onto you then prepare to wage an effective war.
  2. No insest.
  3. No marriage between adults and children.
  4. When one dies thous who witnessed the death or went to the funeral are not allowed to have sex for nine days regardless of what the dead has requested.
  5. Prostitution is dishonorable.
  6. It is advisable to not be involved in orgies.
  7. Here are the drugs your allowed to use alcohol, tobacco, sage, and caffeine.
  8. Marriage between children as in betrothal is acceptable.
  9. You are allowed to not marry.
  10. Child rape is not permissible. If one has sex with a child weather or not the child wants it is illegal and the person should either commit suicide, be executed publicly or turn themselves into the authorities and the immediate family ie the wife or husband burnt. If their are no members of the family in this respect then this does not apply.
  11. If one is pregnant one is not allowed to have sex until the child is birthed the reason for this is that the child shares a sympathetic connection with the mother and will feel acted of sex.
  12. Marrying a prostitute is honorable as long as they are no longer a prostitute after the marriage.

Monday, February 19, 2018


  1. Slavery is illegal any act of taking a slave regardless of gifted by a God if one takes a slave they will be asked to free the slave. If the slave is not freed then the slave owner should be imprisoned or executed and if executed the slave owners property given to the slave.
  2. In this religion if one marries another of a separate faith it is respected.
  3. In this religion one man shall only have one wife and one wife shall only have one man.
  4. A man may never share he's wife with another.
  5. If a child is adopted by another one must except the child as the heir of the adopter.
  6. If a woman bares the child of another man the man she is with lays no claim to the child unless their is an act of adoption by the man.
  7. If a theft is made the thief should be handed to the law of the land if their is no law then the process should be as follows.
  8. The returning of the property followed by a fine to the person who the property was stolen from. If a theft is committed again then the thieve will be punished either by imprisonment or execution.
  9. Rape is a crime and the rapist has two options turn themselves into the authorities or commit suicide. If their is no authority then one will be put on a trial of peers and if found guilty the above option or execution.
  10. Witchcraft is not a crime unless it is done without any cause. If there is no reasonable cause the witch should be killed. If love is cast and it is found out that the woman did not love the man or the man did not love a woman the witch will be asked to remove the spell. If this cannot be done then the two will be separated. I have cast magic just as a note.
  11. Murder without cause is illegal if a murder without cause as in defense of self then the murder should be turned into the authorities. If their are no authorities and the community or head has found the person guilty the murder will re compensate the family and be executed. If their is no family and non are explicitly stated in a will or one cannot confirm that one is the murdered relative then no re compensation is necessary. 
  12. Animals shall not be feed on the flesh of an animal of the same kind if the animal is a vegetarian then only grain or what it is naturally fed.
  13. One must keep cattle separate unless the weather is to cold then one can reside with the cattle.
  14. When in a new land one must know how the land works learn from the locals or through your own wits so that one may farm herd and hunt effectively and thrive.
  15. If it is required to hide ones faith you can do so you can even pertained to be another faith if one wishes.
  16. If one comes into contact with a jihadist feel free to attack them and if you kill them their is no foul.
  17. If one is attack feel free to fight back and if you kill the aggressor in the process it is permissible.
  18. If one has taken your wife or spouse away due to his or her opposite faith you may gather your brothers and kill them.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Sacrament of War

To perform an act of death is to be like the priest who performs the last rights of the dead. When the solider fells another he is taking the breath of another releasing the soul of the dead into the afterlife. The act of pulling the trigger is the act of prayer the bullet entering the body is the key to the gate of the other world. When the body hits the earth it is the end of the ritual. When the war ends so does the sacrament. Our ancestors performed war and during war they made it sacred through the ritual casting of the spear over the battle field this was to bring in the gods of war to invite them into the room and allow them to choice which one they wanted for their eternal war on the plains of Valhalla.

-Honoring-Like all acts of conflict their are costs and the cost of killing is one of spiritual trauma this trauma is not only caused by the shock of killing but also by the disposal of the dead. In the times of the vikings the taking of a warriors life was bound to the honor of dealing with the one who had died usual rites were performed in order to insure that the dead would not comeback ether by the process of reincarnation or by the harassment of the warriors spirit. One method was to carry the dead with their feet first through and opening an other was to destroy the sword of the warrior and the third was to take the name of the child of the victor after the warrior. The third method although noble has a darker twist, to name the child after the fallen is to take the luck of the dead and bestow it on the offspring. These acts were not only the psychological laying to rest of trauma but also the spiritual laying to rest of the soul. The honoring of the dead is mandatory regardless of how one feels about the one they have slain and the easiest method of doing this is to return the possessions of the fallen to the family or closet friend if the fallen has none of his or her bloodline left. If one does not do the simplest of these tasks they themselves have become dishonored if one cannot find the bloodline of the fallen the next task would be to honor the fallen in words.

-Desecration- Desecration is the act of dishonor. To desecrate the remains of a warrior is to dishonor the warrior in the age of our ancestors to desecrate was to inhibit the chance of the warriors entrance into Valhalla. If the warrior was considered to have lived a dishonorable life the society would usually let the gods deal with the warrior but what our ancestors did not realize was the act of war is to take the duty of a god. For only a god can determine the fate and life span of a man and war is not necessarily a thread of fate. In war the army can leave the battle field before the first shot is fired a politician can make the call to a truce and the public can voice their opinion and change the minds of many that war becomes a burden that most be ended. When one fights in battle or goes to war the act of death passes from the transcendental realm of nature and all the aspects that move with it diese, accidents and random death. To the controlled realm of one on the battle field the decision to not fire the gun when the enemy in obvious range for example is an act of freewill. In this realm of freewill the duty of death which is determined by nature and the gods is now in the hands of the fighter. Due to this passing of the soul form the earthly realm into the afterlife has passed from the hands of the gods into the hands of the warrior. When it comes to desecration of the the warrior that also falls into the hands of the fighter. Desecration should only be done when the one who has fallen in battle has be one of bad character in action. The dishonoring of the warriors wife in front of other, the dishonoring of a woman who is not theirs, the dishonoring of a sacred space that was not used in combat, the dishonoring of ones family in action before combat. The dishonoring of combatants who have been captured. These are all reasons for the dishonoring of the remains of the warrior. The easiest way to do so is to read what is sin to them and perform it as a rite apoun them. For example draping a pigskin over a Muslim who rapped a capture then executing them or beheading an army man who ordered the acts at Abu grave. Dishonoring the warrior for acts of true dishonor is noble were as to dishonor one for speech or because he or she is not apart of a religion is an act of dishonor.

Monday, April 3, 2017

The five books

I have been deliberately choosing not to publish these five books until now when I feel their words will give courage to those of us in this belief system. They came to me through the pen onto the page.

I. Wheel-Sowillo-
Nothing is more furious than the wrath of the vengeful for their anger is as consuming as the summer flame. In their malice all life becomes ash. Ash of the things once living. For their is nothing in the sea of in the sky that is like the anger of a man his anger is like a wheel. Blessed are thous who turn the wheel. Blessed are thous who turn the wheel out of righteousness but more blessed are the ones who stop the wheel and remove it.
Anger is a cycle that we all suffer. As the sunrises and the sunsets in it's patterns so does the anger of humanity always turning as the wheel of the sunrise and the sunset. The suns who's appearance changes changes from dark to light depending on winter through spring so are the cycles of one's mind. The mind of the sun which changes from light to dark is as the breeze of season but the mind of wheel is made and can be changed.

II. Earth- Urd-
Weather they be warrior peasant or peacemaker all are remembered by the actions of their lifetime. For thous who seek fulfillment will find such fulfillment those who strive towards glory will have glory, but those who take glory and those who destroy for glory will be nearly forgotten and buried under the sand and trees for such is the way of the world.
Human kind builds it's ego the gods judge it and the earth buries it.

III. Sword-Tyr-
Great is the warrior who knows the flat of the blade for they truly know the edge. The one who only uses the edge knows only the edge not the flat. He soon succumbs to the edge. Use the flat of the blade so when comes it's time it will be sharp enough to strike and kill. Those who use only the edge dulls and chips their weapon apoun resharpening he looses he's blade in time. Eventually the one who uses solely the blade will have to find a new one. He will succumb to the blade of another. But the one who uses the flat then the edge when time comes will know the killing blow unless broken and rusted. The sword of this man will pass from father to son just as the wisdom of the ages pass from one to another strike knowingly.

IV. Wisdom-Odin-
The word of a man spoken is often heard by the foolish, the word that is read is kept in hiding. Grater is the one who keeps he's word when spoken for they who hear the words of a man spoken will hold the speaker to truth. Admit to thous when one speaks out of anger make clear to all when your tongue speaks rashly especially to thous you lead. Speak only in confidence when your anger streams. For in confidence anger is understood. The fire of a man's anger burns the wood that it's fed. Feed the flames of anger on a hearth for their it is seen and can be put out. Never take the flames of anger to the dry of the woods but use it in the cold of winter. When courage is lost anger often consumes. Burning those who keeps one in the winter. As the fire of anger burns the water of the frost will quench it. Use anger when the frost is apparent.
Raven -Memory-
Remember thous who have done you wrong for they will suffer deservingly either by your either by your hand or the hand of the world. For the world sees and the world knows when wrong is done to those undeserved. Strike harder is the blow done to those who associate themselves with the wrong doer for they are seen as accomplishes. Remember those who act foolishly mark them as unequal put them lower than you treat them as the wolf treats the runt. Remember all thing that the wrong doer does remember their actions so when they act with compassion or love that you may know their lies. Judge everything that they do by what you remember so when the time comes to bring their hypocrisy to light you can accurately prove who they truly are.
Never believe the forgiving hand of thous who have done you wrong.

V. Words of the Fire
They will call you a liar they will call you a traitor. They will call you a tahghot. They will speak all manner of ill to you. They will break your will with words. They will throw stones at you they will say that you are making it all up. They will stripe you of your clothing they will beat you they will beat you they will harm your very being. They will strike you in your home, from your home. They will turn on you friend, family to foe. They will claim you are from the fire, they will claim you to the fire.
They will rejoice in the thought of your death. They will see your practice or custom as evil. They will even change the kings the queens the order in which you live under to make your life a living hell. Their will be thous who would once support you but they will turn against you and break your skin. Alfred. Keep on the righteous path that you set for yourself, for they truly will see the light of the dawn.
Be like the rock of faith for your faith must remain unchanged. Believe in the Gods that have brought the rain. For what they see as lies is your truth. Keep your truth. Find your truth. Beware of thous who do not wish for the truth. For what they see as lies is your truth. Find your truth. Beware of thous who do not wish for truth. For they are like the threatened. For they who have power only holds power on the tip of the mountain. For thous who are like us will flourish. They will see our bloom and grow envious of us and they will destroy all that you have. In their minds they are high, in their power they are high, in their strength they seep with arrogance. But in confidence they know no bonds their attrition against us. Keep as stone be as water. Always moving between the chaos of the world around you.
Stagnation is as ice on the moon,frost on the ground. Covering the bareness of the soil only thous that know the moon will know it's bareness for those that do not know the moon will see it as something else. Their is nothing wrong with the moon, for like the sun it has it's place in the world. Worship the moon, Alfred for in it's coolness it provides you with relief from the sun of your labors for you have labored and you have tiered and proven yourself worthy. For as the fire of thous around you burns your skin and as the stagnation of the modern world burns your skin as the bitterness of ice on the bare hand. You will find relief in the moon.
-The Moon-
Be ware of me oh Elhaz for you shall surely know me by sight for in my ire I am like the moon. Growing and shrinking between it's phases. Fear not the grave Elhaz for their is a place for thee. Keep the righteous path oh Elhaz speak only when wisdom takes you for you will have courage like the sun for when the time comes for you they will not break your will. For your will is like the stone, like the water, like their fire. like their fire, like their fire.