Sunday, May 15, 2016

Runic Prayers

Here are the Runic Prayers: This will be updated periodically as they are all not yet written.

Dagaz-Light of the Sun, Lord of the Day riser of the chariot of dawn, with you the warmth of the eternal flows. With you the light of heaven is born, bestow upon this land all the good graces of the sun.

Tyr- God of the sky, Lord of the above embrace us as the sky embrace the land grant us strength as the sword grants victory to the warrior.

Lagaz- Calming waters, cleanser of the earth purity from the sky, life current bring peace to my mind.

 Eiwar- Mighty yew tree, arm of the hunter. poison to the taste bestow of strength to the fields man. Grant the hunter he's hunt and shade for rest from he's labors.

Eihow- Horse of war barer of warriors strider of the blood stained field. The beast of battle granter of victors a force unbridled terror of the enemy below grant me this victory over my foe great horse of the war throw.

 Uruz- Field protector wheel turner puller of the plow tuner of the earth, yoke barer. Energy within the power of it's mighty fours. Uruz mighty archo's grant the will and strength to preserver.

Fehar-Wealth of the land reaped by the labors of man continue to grow from seed and soil. Blessing apoun this earth bless the plow and the seed.

Algiz- Calm in manner furious in battle great beast of the woods. Elk of earth and sky granter of wisdom. I call on you now in my meditation.

Ingwaz-Lord of weather, bringer of peace, granter of prosperity my thanks unto you.

Igwaz- I give my anger and prayer to you oh god Ingwaz who's peace is all encompassing like the shades of the willow groves. Who's prosperity he can rain as the waters from the sky. I ask or you great deity of the earth, child of the sea, to take this anger from me.
You oh fighting lord who has fought only once, clear this pain of conflict as the rain clears the sky. Grant peace on your will sword giver to your faithful devotee.

Ingwaz-Hail Ingwaz Lord of the Earth, Lord of Weather, Lord of Harvest, Lord of Fertility. I ask of you to grant fertility onto the land in which I will give back when generously received.

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