Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Eternal Self, the six kinds of souls.

The soul is also known as the Eternal self. It does not die when the physical shell dies it moves on either to an after life, reincarnates, sticks around or becomes something else. Ideas of male and female, good and evil, reality and non reality develop when the soul interacts with the body after it's entered through the gate of conception. Ideas like the self are developed through this interaction between body and soul. When a child is birthed the soul either resides in the brain of the human being or has fully followed and copied the path of every cell in the body. People spend their entire lives in high meditative states trying to find weather or not the soul is either or but in reality it is different to the individual. The perception of soul and it function varies from person to person but in this path it has two primary functions one of the unknown and the other of inherent intellect.

The soul is perceived in six different ways as fire, as water, as light, as breath, as shadow and as seeing.

  1. Fire- I have never preserved this personally in sight but I have felt it. Imagine one's heart filling with the warmth of a fire or ones body feeling as if the sun is heating it.

  1. Breath- I have preserved this soul as breath it's as if I have two lungs and two kinds of air one thick the other thin.

  1. Light- I preserve only a mass of light that has changed colors periodically. This may be the fact that I meditate during the day or in my room with a light on. When I play the drums I see a color change in light.

  1. Seeing- I have preserved this soul when I meditate with a meditation bowl or when I am writing I see others or I see birds flying around or I have seen the desert. I have seen outside of myself without seeing myself. Some would call this an out of body experience.

  1. Shadow- Is the soul that is preserved as changing or being what the viking truly was. This was known as their fruger. The fruger could sometimes be an animal or some kind of creature, the viking could connect with he's or her fruger and use the power of that animal to aid in combat. This is most likely what a berserker was or someone who had eaten meat that was laced with rabies. There are mentions of both people who could induce their rage and of those who would be permanently crazed. In the most characterized version of this soul it would be like a Disney cartoon character who's shadow is a wolf but who's person is a human. The shadow soul is also one that inhabits a voice as something that is you speaking through you but somehow different. Most of my experience with this has been when I get annoyed and something I call a wolf speaks through me.

  1. Water: I have never experienced the soul as water but I have read that the idea of the soul as water would be an over soul concept. That our souls return to something greater after we die like a river or a pool and that all of our souls come from this river or pool.

It is entirely possible to experience the soul as one or more types of things.

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