Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Four Cycles

Their are four cycles that all people are trapped in; the external, the inherent, the imposed, and the internal.

  1. The external cycle is the cycle that we encounter every day; traffic, school, taxes and on a broader scale the season.
  2. The second cycle is the inherited cycle this cycle is the one were born into. Some would call it fate or luck, the aspects of this cycle are poverty, blindness, birth defects and other problems of the body and mind that one had no choice in.
  3. The third cycle is the imposed cycle, this cycle is the one that we place on ourselves or is placed on us by others. Slavery, drunkenness, addiction and diet.
  4. The last and fourth cycle is the internal cycle this cycle is the mental and spiritual struggle that one confronts every day. This cycle is in all peoples of faith weather they be Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or pagan. In this cycle we struggle to understand the divine and the workings of said entities. In this cycle we look into the mirror and see what one may not want to see. In this cycle people of faith are bombarded with the constant attacks of thous who may not understand a chosen or called path. The warriors of this cycle are depression, self doubt, the ignorance of others and the ignorance of once's self.

All these cycles can be broken in time some apoun death while others with day to day thought. One way of doing this is to recognize recurring destructive thoughts. By picking up on the patterns of thought one can then break one of the four cycles. Example a person wakes up in the morning and always stubs their toe in the doorway. Sooner or later said person figures out the gig and steps over the high ledge in the doorway thus ending the cycle. The same concept applies but to destructive thought.
What is destructive thought; ideas that can lead to ones harming of oneself and others. When destructive thought is recognized by either oneself or by others the next step is to ask oneself "why do I think like this?" then one must be willing to find, contemplate and hear the variety of issues that causes the thought. When the issue is recognized then one can deal with the issues that are the cause of the destructive thought. As thinking people who are trying to reach some sort of serenity before they die, we must always fight, contemplate and remove these destructive thoughts. We have to be like Thor, a half god half giant who is always fighting he's fate. For like Thor, who in the final battle of Ragnarok destroys the mid-gard serpent we ourselves must fight our chaos. Like Thor we must be willing to fight this chaos even if it leads to our own destruction. By doing so we become better then thous who refuses to understand themselves and live a life blinded by their own willful ignorance. When one try's to understand themselves they become ready to change, to grow, to become better then they were before. It is like a toddler who can then walk, run and explore the world around them. Thous who refuse to understand themselves and others are like the toddler unwilling to move on unwilling to find peace. When the cycle's are broken peace can then be found, for me peace comes with having a job and simply living my life. For others it may be a more complex peace but remember that peace is different for all. Below is an image of the four cycles.

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