Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rules and Beliefs.

If you follow this way you can leave at anytime this way is a choice as it was for me. If you choice to follow what has been laid out for you and take the wisdom I am giving to heart then I applaud you and hope that these prayers enrich your faith. If you follow this way of thought know that it is religion. It comes from the Nordic cultural belief system and although it's practices are new it is truly a pagan way of belief. As with all religions their are certain rules and modes of thought that one has to follow these modes of thought are as such.

  1. Their is a spiritual self.
  2. Humans are creatures of polarity.
  3. Birth and death are physical states of being.
  4. True birth comes when you know your spiritual self.
  5. True death is when you are forgotten.
  6. Weather spiritually or physically there is something above you.
  7. Everything living has a god to it.
  8. There is an underlying current to everything and that current is unbreakable.
  9. Reincarnation and the afterlife are realities. They exist deal with it.
Their are tenants in this way and if you follow this way you will follow these tenants to the best of ones ability these tenants are as follows:
  1. Be honest.
  2. Be polite.
  3. Deal with the problems as they arise.
  4. Always ask questions.
  5. Take pride but do not boast.
  6. Defend yourself if attacked but don't seek bodily harm on others.
  7. Never give up but don't continue a loss cause.
  8. Except the mistakes you have made learn and move on.
  9. Give only as much as you think you should give.
These are the beliefs and tenants of the Elhaz they are for the way of the Elhaz not for the governing of society. For society should never be governed as religion is governed and the two should always be separate if you follow the way of the Elhaz you too also believe this.

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