Monday, April 11, 2016

The Seven Selves

The Seven Selves

1. The Masculine: The aspects of this self are hard to define seeing as how society plays such a large role in the shaping of what it means to be masculine so what I write may not be the ultimate definition. With that said these are the masculine characteristics I've found in myself. Comradery is an aspect of masculinity, companionship in the face of obstacles, needless self sacrifice for an idea, the attainment of wealth and the blindness that comes with it. Pigheadedness, sacrifice for the betterment of the whole, commitment to an idea no matter how far down hill it appears to be going. Wild frivolity in the natural world. The need to make a name for oneself, hopeless depression when this need is not met. The drive to push oneself beyond capacity, stubbornness, over barring dominance, onesidedness, giving and passionate anger.

2. The Feminine: This aspect is going to be bias seeing as how I am not a female these are just aspects I recognize in myself and observed in other. Over barring protection, child blindness, the unwillingness to let go, kindness to strangers, shallowness, selective memory and repetitive nagging. Forgiveness, protection of ones own, self sacrifice for ones own, crippling self confidence issues, acceptance, and jealousy. Other aspects of this side are compassion, relationships beyond the physical or some sort of gain, caring, color blindness, non-judgmental, patients and scorn.

3.The Destructor: This aspect of this self are pain, selfish acts of violence and death. This aspect thinks only of the death of thous who have done them wrong. The destructor aspect of oneself also comes the need to survive. The will to kill in order to preserve oneself, to this aspect comes the will to preserve. Greed want beyond reason and pleasure in the unwilling pain of others.To the destructor aspect the need to survive and continue.

4. The Creator: This aspect of this self is the making of order to bring peace to ones self, bringing life to make life. Creation of order to bring harmony to ones environment. Procreation, the combining of two things to bring forth life. The slaying of something for the continuation of life. Music, art, poetry the ability to seemingly pull ideas out of nowhere. The development of thought, problem solving, the need to care for something. The ability to make things grow. The changing process from seed to plant. Evolution of mind and body.

5.The Uninhibited: The aspects of this self are lust, unbridled passion, love in the moment, quick unthinking anger, unstoppable desire, unmoderated consumption of pleasurable food and drinks. The uninhibited aspects of ones self has a constant need to consume, with this aspect the thought of why does not exist only the desire and the drive to continue to be uninhibited. This aspect strives for unthinking stimulation moving from one action of pleasure to the next. It does not have goals in the larger since but lets the tide of the present carry it. The uninhibited also has the ability to stay in the moment and to love without social disgression or stigma.

6.The Liberated: The liberated Self is the highest form of self one can attain in this lifetime. Aspects of this state of being are unknown but through meditation, prayer, offerings to the Gods/Goddesses and humility to such beings one can attain pieces of what it means to be liberated. For example some would consider freedom from earthly pain and eternal calm as liberation. All people no matter their similarity with one an other have a unique view of what it means to become liberated. Being out of ones self could be considered a liberated state or the breaking of one self destructive cycle could be considered liberated.

7. The Eternal: The eternal self is the part of the human that carries on after one dies. It is neither changing nor unchanging. Like water this self can be formed into a shape and frozen but it's still two hydrogen one oxygen and will eventually go back to it's original state. This self is unaffected by the processes of physical action or thought. It is ambivalent and in reality the purpose, if any, is still unknown.

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