Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Way of Elhaz

Elhaz, also known as Algiz is a rune which meaning is either prayer, protection, elk or life. To some in the mystical community it means either a priestess or a witch but seeing as how I am neither a female nor a Wicca this rune means something else something found in all religions, prayer. This blog is entirely dedicated to way of prayer and meditation to the Gods and Goddesses of the Norse pantheon. The deities these prayers and meditative practice are pertaining to are Odin, Thor, Ingwaz, Njord and Tyr. All of these prayers and poems have come to me from them and are to them. I write these prayers as a duty to my fellow community of pagans. This blog also contains runic prayers, yes prayers, and wise sayings. This way is not for the shiftless this way is for thous who truly believe in the gods. If you truly believe than welcome my knowledge and way is your knowledge and way but if you do not believe please do not use any of the prayers that I have written down here. You can choose to stay or leave.

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